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A Product of Pure Wood Has a Lot of AdvantagesFurniture of Massive Is from Long-Term Viewpoint CheaperIf you buy furniture of massive you will have to pay more, but finally it will cost much less than you think.A product of massive will last you for ages, nevertheless for example the furniture of fibreboard must be altered.General ValidityThe furniture of massive because of its natural beauty is always up-to-date and very popular with most people.Health HarmlessnessThe furniture of massive meets ... více informací

Veneer is a thin layer made of massive wood which results from cutting or peeling of tree trunks.Veneer is glued on fibreboard or blockboard.Thickness of 0,3 up to 3 mm is at your disposal. Thickness of 0,6 mm is used most frequently. Do not consider veneer for wood substitute because it is of pure natural material. více informací

Folio covered fibreboards are chipboards on which a decorative wood immitating folio is pressed.  A base of a chipboard is formed by wooden elements such as  cuttings, sawdust, chips which are joined by a syntetic glue. Spruce and pine wooden elements are concerned most often.Products of folio covered fibreboard are cheap but their durability is not long. They are easy to keep. více informací

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